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The Future of a Downtown Corner Building

For the first time in decades, the brick behind the ‘Creative Frame & Trophy” building has seen the light of day. After David Dobson purchased the building this year, that was one of his first steps in renovating the building.

“I was born and raised here and have always loved that building,” says Dobson. “I couldn’t wait to see what was behind the tin.”

Turns out, there were beautiful 115-year-old bricks that bring a whole new vibe to the historic downtown corner at 1st Avenue E. and 2nd Street North. But, the tedious work to bring the bricks back to their past glory has been extensive.

“We really didn’t know what to expect,” says Dobson. “But, when our contractors, Gillespie Construction, started taking them down it was 20-foot sheets of tin that had to all come down, and then it was anyone’s best guess what the brick was going to look like.”

What came next was replacing, tearing out, regrouting, remortaring and painting, but Dobson says it’s been worth it to create a beautiful space that can be a staple in the downtown area. “I want this building to bring people together and bring new life to our downtown intersection,” says Dobson.

The inside of the building is also being completely remodeled to make way for Dobson to open his law practice, Dobson Law Firm, in the location along with his father Judge Dobson. In addition, other lawyers will be occupying the building under their own practices including Bob Bentley, Alex Smith and Brad Harvey. In total the two-story space will include three support offices, six lawyer offices, and four conference rooms that can be rented out by anyone in the community.

The exterior is still an ongoing process, but Dobson says the vision is an industrial style feel with huge windows, cream brick, white trim, and exterior lighting.

Keep an eye out as this beautiful building comes to life! You can follow Dobson Law Firm on Facebook or reach them by calling 205-625-1000.

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