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City Hall

202 3rd Avenue East

Oneonta, AL 35121
Reception: (205) 274-2150

Fax: 1-205-813-7196

City Phone System Update.

We are continuing to update and integrate features with the new phone system at city hall. The menu options have changed to include only one of 4 options before speaking with an individual.

If you dial 205-274-2150, then you have:

Option (1) Court

Option (2) Fire

Option (3) Police

Option (4) All City Business / Operator

Also, traditionally each department had a direct line. This option continues with the following numbers assigned to those departments.

205-274-2150 for Main Menu or

205-813-7181 Community Development

205-813-7182 Revenue

205-813-7183 City Clerk

205-813-7184 City Administrator

205-813-7185 Human Resources

205-813-7186 Public Safety Director

205-813-7187 Police Investigations Ring All

205-813-7188 Police Chief

205-813-7189 Fire Department Ring All

205-813-7190 Fire Chief

205-813-7191 Building Inspections Ring All

205-813-7192 Bookkeeper

Thank you! Your message has been received.

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