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Community Canvas: A Gallery Experience

Welcome to Community Canvas: A Gallery Experience. The City of Oneonta's annual juried art show brings forward the wonderful opportunity for local artists to showcase their artistic talent, sell their artwork, and enjoy an evening with fellow artists and community members. Hosted at the Historic Little Brick Church in the heart of Oneonta, Community Canvas will be Friday, June 21st from 6pm - 8pm and Saturday, June 22nd from 4pm - 8pm.


Applications are now being accepted for our third-annual Community Canvas.

APPLY BELOW or email ntolbert@cityofoneonta to receive a paper copy. Applications are due by Friday, May 24th. Applicants understand that due to limited space, this is a juried art show. Applying does not guarantee inclusion; participants will be notified of the selection results no later than Friday, May 31st.

Community Canvas Application Form

The application deadline is Friday, May 24th. You'll be notified if you are selected to participate no later than Friday, May 31st.

A completed application will consist of this form, along with a digital portfolio of your artwork, sent as

-please submit 5-10 high resolution (2-5 MB each) jpegs emailed to: You may
also deliver printed images to 110 1st Ave East Oneonta, AL. 35121. Please call 205-813-7181 to confirm
Nicole is in the office before heading that way.

-indicate the title, medium/substrate, dimensions, and retail price of each work (if for sale)

-include a current artist bio or statement and/or artist resume

If selected, Community Canvas Applicant agrees to abide by the following event requirements:

I understand that artwork must be installed on one side of a "periaktoi", which is a three-sided freestanding
wall. The wall provided for me will be 4ft x 8ft. Each wall will be painted white. No artwork will be allowed to be hung from any walls of the Little Brick Church. I must provide free-standing display for additional artwork that doesn't fit on the periaktoi. Volunteers will be in place to help with hanging art on the periaktoi. Tents will not be allowed.

I understand that if I provide a free-standing display for my additional artwork that doesn't fit on the periaktoi wall, I will alert Nicole Tolbert by email her at or calling her at 205-813-7181.

I understand that all art brought to Community Canvas must be two-dimensional due to limited space.
I understand that I will be required to bring, at minimum, five different pieces of art to display.
I understand that if I am under the age of 18, an adult must accompany me to the event.

I understand that I am able to sell my artwork at this event and, if selling, will bring cash, a card
reader, and/or display Venmo/Cash App information to accept payment. It is my responsibility to sell,
accept payment and manage money at this event.

I understand that I will be leaving my artwork overnight at the Little Brick Church, and I release the City of
Oneonta from any and all liability as stated in the release/indemnification agreement below.

Release/Indemnification Agreement:
For and in consideration of being allowed to participate in the indicated Oneonta Community Canvas,
I, the undersigned applicant, do hereby agree to release, acquit, and forever discharge the City of Oneonta, its employees, agents, assigns and all other persons, firms, corporations, or other legal entities sponsoring, promoting or otherwise associated with the Oneonta Community Canvas, from any and all claims, lawsuits, demands, actions, causes of actions, whether sounding or tort, contract, or other theory of law, whether for compensatory or punitive damages, whether known or unknown, which have previously existed, now exist or could hereafter exist, arising from, connected with or otherwise related in any way whatsoever to my participation in the Oneonta Community Canvas. And furthermore, I do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Oneonta and the Oneonta Community Canvas for the payment of any claim, demand or judgment arising out of or related to my participation in the Oneonta Community Canvas, including the payment of
the costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Oneonta Community Canvas. The City of Oneonta reserves the right to reject applications.
I, the undersigned, have read the rules, restrictions, release, and indemnification agreement associated
with this application and hereby agree to comply with said rules, restrictions, release, and indemnification agreement.

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