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The Little Brick Church

"The Little Brick Church" is a structure that has truly
been a part of Oneonta's history. The property the church sits on was originally purchased in 1905 and construction was complete in 1913. The Little Brick Church has been used for much
more than just a church, but was also used as a bus depot, a teen canteen and a community center among many more things. The Little Brick Church was graciously donated to the City of
Oneonta by Mr. and Mrs. Bess in 2014 and is now available to rent as an event space.

Rental Rates:

  • $200 for a full weekend

  • $125 for Saturday OR Sunday

    • 8am - 9pm​

  • $75 for a full day during the week​

  • $50 for a half day during the week

    • 8am - 2pm or 2pm - 9pm​


Rental includes:

  • 50 chairs

  • Six round tables

  • Four rectangle tables

  • NO tablecloths

  • Pull down projector screen

  • NO projector

Building info:

  • Capacity is 76 per fire code

  • 2,098 SF

  • Kitchenette includes refrigerator, stove, sink, microwave & coffee machine

  • Parking lot behind building

  • Wheelchair accessibility through backdoor

Request a Rental Date

Questions? Email or call 205-813-7181.

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