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M.P. Dawson Mercantile opens in downtown Oneonta

Located at 213 1st Ave East in downtown Oneonta, M.P. Dawson Mercantile mixes nostalgia and updated functional pieces. From kitchen accessories and baking mixes, bath and body, baby and guy gifts, and even pre-made dinners, M.P. Dawson

Mercantile offers something for everyone in the family, even pets. Previously, the Mercantile made their home in Trussville, but since moving to downtown Oneonta in the summer, owner Shannon Wells says they have received a warm welcome from the community.

“We decided to move our store from Trussville because we loved the people, the downtown, and the pace of Oneonta,” says Shannon. “From day one the town has been very receptive and welcoming, especially the other business owners in the downtown area. I love how the mayor and business associations promote the small businesses in the area. You can feel that it's an up-and-coming area, and we definitely wanted to be part of that.”

Shannon’s journey to Oneonta began when she traveled from Trussville to shop for a gift for her husband from Southern Haberdashery, another downtown business.

“We found our new storefront by accident,” she explains. “My daughter and myself drove up from Trussville to find my husband a gift from the Southern Haberdashery when I saw the vacant storefront across the street. I sent my daughter over to get the number off the window and while we were walking, I received a phone call that my brother had been in a horrible accident. He passed away a couple of weeks later, so I didn't think of the little blue store for over a month because of everything going on. In July, I called the owner in, and it was still available so I truly felt it was meant to be.”

The business name pays homage to Shannon’s mother, Shirley Dawson Meadows, and her husband/co-owner’s father’s name, Michael Phillip Wells. Since moving their business to Oneonta, they’ve also decided to become official, full-time residents.

“We loved the town so much that we have put an offer on a home and even though we are in our golden years (the forties) we hope to stay here and grow with the city for many years to come,” Shannon says.

Find M.P. Dawson Mercantile on Facebook or call them at (205) 274-1935.

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