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Counseling services now available in Oneonta

A new counseling option is now available in Oneonta. B. Tyree Counseling and Services is operated by local licensed independent social worker Bethany Tyree, of Oneonta. Bethany says after spending time working out of town, she is ready to return.

“I worked in Oneonta for six or seven years and loved working in this community," Bethany says. “I had a close working relationship with many of our community's resources, and I’ve been aware we have a great need in this community for therapy services. This is my community. I live here, shop here, and dine here and want to be able to help those I see struggling”

Bethany has extensive education and hands-on experience. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Troy University and then earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of Alabama. After realizing she wanted to be able to progress in her career and her field with a goal to help others, she became a LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker).

“I did two years of supervision and got my LICSW (Licensed Independent Social Worker),” says Bethany. “I have been working in the field of Substance Abuse Treatment since February 2010 and have worked in State Certified Programs since then. I continually want to grow my skills and knowledge to help others, so I’ll be taking Continuing Education courses that pertain to therapy/counseling to learn better ways to help those in need.”

B. Tyree Counseling and Services offer individual counseling for adults that are 18 years of age and older with plans to expand services in the future to offer couples counseling.

“I am passionate about working with people who just need someone in their corner,” Bethany says. “Many people are dealing with the struggles that life sends our way that can be overwhelming. I work with people who struggle with a history of trauma, grief, life transition issues, family issues, substance abuse issues, struggles with stress, a need for coping skills, and general mental health concerns (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, etc).”

Bethany continues, “I feel that most people need counseling. Life isn't always fair, and people end up growing up in situations that are negative and having situations later in life that cause lasting challenges. If a person does not process their past traumas or doesn’t learn how to cope with things outside of our control, it can be debilitating. I am passionate about people learning who they are, finding a love for themselves, and being able to find peace and live a life that brings them joy.”

Previously, the City of Oneonta hasn’t had counseling services of this kind in the community. Bethany insists that no matter background or experiences, everyone can benefit from counseling services like she offers.

“I have a laid-back personality with a sprinkle of humor, and I hope to offer you a space where you feel comfortable and have no judgement,” she explains. “There are times that those we have been around in our life cannot help us in the way we need. We feel that family and friends can pass judgement or not understand our issues. We all need that non-bias person in our life to help us to sort out what is going on in our mind or a person on the outside looking in to see things from a different perspective. In my career, I have worked with clients who present with their own personal concerns, those struggling with addiction, LGBTQIA+, body image issues, and those who have been involved with the legal system.”

At this time, Bethany will continue to work full-time at a substance abuse treatment program in Gadsden but is offering counseling services during the evening hours during the week and on Saturday mornings. She is currently working to take insurance in the future, but it takes time to complete that process.

“If you want me to consider a specific insurance company, please email me at so that I can compile a list of needs in our area and seek out the resources that make the most sense for my business and potential clients,” Bethany says.

Bethany and her husband Kenny have lived in Oneonta for 7 years. She has many pets including four dogs, three chickens, two cats, and one rabbit.

Get in touch with Bethany!


Text of Call: (205) 952-7098

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