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City Market Spotlight: The Celestial Caravan

The Celestial Caravan owner Kaci Richardson

For the past few City Market seasons, The Celestial Caravan has been a staple of the event selling their “handmade wares of the nerdy persuasion” to the local community.

Owner, Kaci Richardson, has been in the artisanal market game since 2017. From tabletop gaming accessories, nerdy art, handmade jewelry, home-grown botanicals and tinctures, bone art, smudge sticks, spell jars and more, The

Celestial Caravan has something for anyone’s nerdy heart, and it can all be purchased during Oneonta’s City Market.

“My favorite thing about City Market has been the ability to showcase and represent a wider range of interests in the community,” says Kaci. “The majority of my creations are of a nerdy/geeky persuasion, alternative lifestyle focused, and LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. The response overall has been overwhelmingly positive! Being a Leo, I have a pretty ample social battery. I love being able to interact with and converse with a diverse crowd, people I likely wouldn’t come across or meet in my day-to-day life. While being able to have a creative outlet that makes a little dough is great and all, it’s not nearly as satisfying as engaging with other creatives and those with similar interests in my community.”

Kaci says their experience at City Market has inspired them to encourage other artisans to participate as well. “With the price to vend in conventions increasing the last few years, it has been wonderful to be able to participate in a market so close to home,” she says. “Anyone who is looking to get a start in selling artisanal wares and goods would do well to sign up!”

When you’re out and about at City Market this season, stop by and see Kaci along with her array of awesome, handmade wares. Then, maybe one day, you’ll be able to stop at their store instead. “Eventually, I would love to move to my own store front that’s part oddity shop, artist market, and used book store, that’s also haunted…that’s a must,” she says.

You can find Kaci and The Celestial Caravan at Pink Porch Market in downtown Oneonta where she takes custom orders and commissions. Online, find her at or on Etsy,


Instagram: @thecelestialcaravan


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