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City Market Spotlight: Becca's Blooms

Becca’s Blooms began with 23-year-old owner, Rebecca Ashley, working out of her home as a wedding florist. Then, her “flower truck” came along that she hauled around to different festivals selling her beautiful cut flowers. And that was only the beginning of her journey.

“Festivals have been pivotal for my business,” says Rebecca. “I think I initially gravitated towards them because of a personal love of shopping in that environment, and I knew flowers would be the perfect addition to the local market already in place.”

And, she was right. Since joining the City of Oneonta’s seasonal City Market event, Becca’s Blooms has been a major draw for people at the event where she’s consistently sold out of her cut flowers and had returning customers specifically visiting to see her and purchase a bouquet. Her success has been so great that she’s recently moved into a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Oneonta, located at 216 1st Ave East Suite A. The store, located in the same lot as The Meltdown, is not only a go-to place for bouquets and flowers, but Rebecca also sells candles, tea, honey, local pottery, and flowers weddings along with other special events.

“I love downtown Oneonta with or without me, and I hope to see it thrive,” Rebecca says. “Growing up in Blount County made me really long for fun shops and experiences, so being a part of the revitalization of the downtown area feels really special.”

Becca’s Blooms is just getting started with all the business has to offer. In the near future, Rebecca hopes to hire several employees so that she is able to meet the needs of all of her customers both in-store and at vendor events simultaneously. And what about long term goals? Rebecca says she hopes Becca’s Blooms is around way longer than she is.

“I want to build a brand that will be passed down for generations,” she says.

From her flower truck at City Market and other local festivals to a full-fledged store in downtown Oneonta, the future is bright for Rebecca Ashley and it is always a thrill to see her out at City Market in Oneonta.

City Markets are scheduled for May – September. Find out more by visiting


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