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Staff Directory

Andy Alexander                      Chief Building Official                    (205) 813-7191


Allie Allcorn                                 City Administrator                       (205) 813-7184


Tanya Blakely                              Assistant City Clerk                      (205) 274-2150


Tyler Seehusen                                  Fire Chief                               (205) 813-7190


Charles Clifton                                 Police Chief                             (205) 813-7188


Tracie Roybal                                   Bookkeeper                              (205) 813-7192


Dalton Farmer                       Human Resource Director                (205) 813-7185


Brandon Horton                     Director of Public Safety                 (205) 813-7186

                                                     & Code Enforcement


Megan Kelly                                   Inspection Clerk                        (205) 813-7191


Roland McCoy                           Public Works Director                   (205) 274-2162


Tim Moore                                   Assistant Inspector                      (205) 813-7191


Kevin Nicodemus                  Park & Recreation Director              (205) 625-3534


Richard Phillips                                    Mayor                                  (205) 274-2150


Stephanie Preston                           Court Clerk,                            (205) 274-2126


Allison Pearman                            Revenue Officer                        (205) 813-7182


Stephanie Sims                                 Magistrate                             (205) 274-2126


Amanda Stanfield                             City Clerk                               (205) 813-7183

Department Heads

City Administrator - Allie Allcorn

Allie Allcorn has been employed with the City of Oneonta since 2017.  She graduated from Auburn University in 2013 and also met her husband Aaron that year. 


Allie and Aaron have two children together, Avy and Axel, and they reside in Altoona on their family farm.  They are members of First Baptist Church Altoona and love Christmas, taking trips together and spending time at home as a family.

City Clerk & Treasurer - Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole has been employed with the City of Oneonta since 2016 and currently serves as City Clerk and Treasurer. Amanda says "I love my job and I am very passionate and eager to learn all that I can in life."


She is married to Ryan Cole from Altoona and they have two boys. They are members of First Baptist Church of Altoona and love to spend time with family. 

Director of Public Safety - Brandon Horton

Brandon began his career with the City of Oneonta in October of 1996. A graduate of Cleveland High School and two-time graduate of Wallace State Community College, Brandon holds A.A.S. Degrees in Fire Science and Emergency Medicine. A graduate of the University of Alabama Police Academy and the Alabama Fire College, Brandon has over 25 years of combined experience in Public Safety.


Brandon received  his certification in Municipal Planning and Zoning from the University of North Alabama. Brandon also holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Jacksonville State University in Emergency Management and has received his certification in Local Government Professional Management from Auburn University’s Government and Economic Institute.


Brandon resides in Oneonta with his wife Jennifer and two daughters, Emilee and Adalyn.

Fire Chief - Kenneth Booth

Chief Booth is a long-time resident of Blount County and a 1989 graduate of Hayden High School.


Chief Booth has an AAS in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University, earned his paramedic license from Wallace State Community College and UAB, has more than 40 certifications from the Alabama Fire College, and is a 2002 graduate of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Law Enforcement Academy.


Chief Booth has over 33 years of experience in public safety and has served as a chief officer for over 18 of those. He served the citizens of Oneonta as a part-time police officer for 10 years before being hired as Fire Chief in January 2019.


The Oneonta Fire & Rescue Service places high value in community involvement and our ability to serve the citizens of Oneonta with a strong emphasis on fire prevention and public education.

Police Chief - Charles Clifton

Charles Clifton is the current Chief of Police for the City of Oneonta. Clifton is the sixth police chief to hold that office since 1926. Clifton has been a proud law enforcement member with continual service since 1993.


Chief Clifton holds two degrees in the criminal justice field, an Associate in Science from Gadsden State Community College, and a Bachelor of Science from Jacksonville State University.  Both degrees are in the Criminal Justice field.  

Municipal Judge - Elizabeth "Libby" Nash

Judge Nash has been practicing law for the last 30 years, and has also been the Oneonta Municipal Judge for the last 16 years. Judge Nash grew up in Oneonta, Alabama and graduated from Oneonta High School. She attended the University of Alabama and attained a Bachelors in Social Work. She then worked for several years as a Social Worker and a Juvenile Probation Officer before attending law school at the University of Alabama where she  graduated in 1990 and at that time started practicing law in Oneonta. 

Parks & Recreation Director - Kevin Nicodemus

Kevin Nicodemus is a life-long Blount County resident. For the past 12 years he has been employed with the City of Oneonta Park and Recreation, and has served as Park and Rec Director since 2013.


Kevin and his wife Beth have two sons, Richard and Jackson. Kevin says "I look forward to working with the great citizens of Oneonta."

Public Works Director - Roland McCoy

Roland McCoy is the Public Works Director for the City Of Oneonta. Roland has worked in the construction industry for most of his life.


Roland says "I enjoy meeting with people and helping them whenever possible."

Library Director - Ricky Statham

Ricky is the Library Director at the Oneonta Public Library. He is married to his beautiful wife Kimberly, and they have three children—Madeline, Elijah, and Isaac.


Along with his duties at the library, Ricky is the pastor at Straight Mountain Baptist Church.

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