Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning Commission of the City of Oneonta is comprised of 9 members. Each term is staggered 6 year term.  Meetings, when required, are held on the first Monday of the month. Notice of such meetings are published in the Blount Countian.


The main objective of the Planning Commission is to make recommendations to  the Mayor and City Council of any changes to the Zoning Ordinance.  Because the zoning map is a part of this ordinance, any rezoning of property located within the city limits would be considered a change to this ordinance. The Mayor and City Council have the final decision to accept or reject any recommendation made by the Planning Commission.


The Planning Commission also reviews subdivision applications prior to any development being made.  Subdivision review is done in two phases, a preliminary and a final review.


The preliminary plat review is done to ensure that lot sizes are in compliance with the applicable zoning district, streets are to be built in accordance with City regulations and street names meet E-911 criteria. 


 A final review is done after a base street coat is applied, but before any final street surface is installed.  A final plat is submitted to ensure that surveyed building lots meet required size limitations for each respective zoning district.

For further information, you may contact Andy Alexander at (205) 274-2127 or email at


Board Members

Wayne Bynum - Chairman

Everett Tidwell

Terry Gilliland

Bob Harvey

Ed Lowe

Barclay Neill

Hal Blackwood - Council Member

Kenneth Booth - Fire Chief

Diane Lee

Alex Smith - Extra Contact