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Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets can be paid at Oneonta City Hall, 202 3rd Avenue East, if they occur within the city limits.


The cost of parking tickets violation are:

  1. Parking in Fire Lane $25

  2. Parking in a Handicap Zone $50

  3. Blocking Alley $10

  4. Double Parking $10

  5. Parking at Fire Hydrant $25

  6. Parking on Yellow Line or Curb $5

  7. Park Overtime 2 Hr. Zone $5

  8. Parking on Wrong Side $10

If you do not pay your parking violations within 48 hrs, your parking violation will be doubled. You may pay your parking violation at Oneonta City Hall or you may mail it to the following address:

City of Oneonta

202 3rd Ave. East

Oneonta, AL 35121

If paying by a check, please make check payable to the City of Oneonta. If you have any questions, please call City Hall at (205) 274-2150

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