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Mayor's Office


Honorable Mayor Richard M. Phillips

Mayor Phillips is a lifelong resident of the City of Oneonta and a 2000 graduate of Oneonta High School.

The Mayor has a degree from Auburn University in Graphic Design and is also a practicing attorney in the City of Oneonta. After working as a designer in NYC and Atlanta, Mr. Phillips chose to return to his hometown and establish his law practice in 2014.

Mr. Phillips was elected to the Oneonta City Council in 2016 where he served as the Police Commissioner for four years. In 2020, Mayor Phillips was elected to his current office.

"Our city is special. Special in that we harbor so much potential and greatness. Our residents are caring and compassionate; our community is unique and charming. Oneonta is like no other and I am honored to represent this city as Mayor." - Mayor Richard Phillips

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