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Emergency Services

Using the 911 System

Enhanced 911 is available in the City of Oneonta anytime you need help in an emergency. When you dial 911 our Emergency Communications Center receives a computer display of your name, address and phone number so that help may be sent quickly to your home or business. Website.

What is a 911 emergency?

You should never dial 911 UNLESS IT IS A LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION. To do so would tie up an emergency line unnecessarily.

What will the dispatcher need to know?

Address of the emergency

Phone number

Nature of the emergency

Stay calm and answer all questions asked by the 911 operator

Examples of when to use 911

Dial 911 to report a fire, an accident, a medical emergency or anytime you feel life is threatened.

Oneonta Police Department

If you need the Police dial 911. Do not call 911 for basic information or to report minor problems like barking dogs or a loud party. Website.

Oneonta Fire & Rescue

In case of any fire dial 911. Small fires can spread rapidly so do not hesitate to call immediately. Website.

Emergency Medical

For a medical emergency dial 911. Talk to the call taker.

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