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Blountsville Historical Park

The Historical Park is located in Blountsville, AL and has on display some of the finest log cabins in existence. Most of the buildings have period furnishings and have been restored.


Palisades Park

Blount County Palisades Park offers a relaxing atmosphere with scenic views atop of Ebell Mountain. The park has been enjoyed by visitors since November of 1973.

Locust Fork River

The Locust Fork is a venerable and ancient treasure, a river literally older than the hills.  This river deserves to remain free-flowing – along the path it has claimed through the eons.

Spring Valley Beach

Spring Valley Beach Waterpark is a family owned and operated waterpark located in Blountsville, Alabama. The water park is approximately 60 minutes north of Birmingham, AL and approximately 60 minutes south of Huntsville, Alabama right off of Highway 231.

Highland Lake

This picturesque town is a vibrant community with both full-time residents and property owners whose vacation homes are a welcome break during the summer months and weekends from their busy lives in the city. 

Rickwood Caverns

What makes Rickwood Caverns State Park unique is the massive cave that contains 260-million-year-old formations that were created by water and reveal evidence that the cave was carved from an ocean bed. 

Horse Pens 40

Horse pens 40 is a historic outdoor nature park, a natural wonderland of unique rock formations nestled atop Chandler Mountain in the foothills of the Appalachians. 

Scenic Overlook Park at King's Bend

A scenic vista on a scenic river, providing not only scenery but access to the river for recreational usage by residents and the growing tide of tourists from near and far.

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