Zoning Board of Adjustment



The Zoning Board of Adjustment is comprised of 5 members and 2 alternates. Meetings, when required, are held on the third Monday of the month. Notice of these meetings are published in the Blount Countian.


The main purpose of the Zoning Board of Adjustment is to consider applications filed by citizens who are requesting an appeal of any restriction set forth in the zoning ordinance (i.e., setbacks, building size limitations, etc.).


Another duty of the Zoning Board of Adjustment is to hear and decide if Special Exceptions as listed in the zoning ordinance are in compliance with all of the appropriate provisions of the zoning ordinance.

For questions, you may contact Andy Alexander at (205) 274-2127 or email at aalexander@cityofoneonta.us.


Board Members

Ken Phillips - Chairman

Buddy McCay

Anthony Nash

Barbara Andersen

Dan Buckner

Jim Wester (Alternative)

Redonia Davis (Alternative)