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Animal Control

Every year between January 1st and January 31st, anyone living in the city limits of Oneonta must renew or purchase their dog license for their pet at Oneonta City Hall, 202 3rd Avenue East.  You must provide proof of current rabies vaccination in order to purchase your license.  Buying a dog license will help find the owner of the dog in case the dog comes up missing.  The fees will be $5.00 if purchased by January 31st, after January 31st, $30.00.


If you have a lost dog please call Oneonta City Hall at (205) 274-2150 to see if the animal control officer has picked up your dog.  If the animal control officer has picked up your dog, the animal control officer will take the dog to the Blount County Animal Shelter. (205) 625-6026 at 120 Shelter Drive, Cleveland, AL 35049. Website.


The owner of the lost dog must come to Oneonta City Hall at 202 3rd Ave. East with proof of proper vaccinations and purchase a current dog license tag at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) with a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) penalty for a total of thirty dollars ($30.00).  The fine for an owner of a dog running at large, no license and impoundment is one hundred dollars ($100.00) plus the thirty dollars ($30.00). If no dog license then a total of one hundred thirty dollars ($130.00). The owner of the dog will then receive a release from the city to take to the Blount County Animal Shelter.


Dogs to be under control when off owner’s premises, barking and howling dogs, animals affected with or suspected of having rabies and vicious and dangerous dogs call Oneonta City Hall at 205-274-2150 to report any of these problems to the animal control officer.

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