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Online Business Application Registration



  • Please complete all areas of the form.

  • The form should be dated and signed by an owner, partner or authorized agent of the business.

  • This form will initiate the process for registering your business with the municipality.

If your business will have a physical location within the municipality, please use that address on the form. (Complete a separate form for each physical location of business in the city).

Upon receipt of the completed form, the municipality will provide any additional forms and information regarding other specific requirements to you in order to complete the licensing process.


All license renewals are Due January 1 and are Considered Delinquent after January 31, with the following exception:

Insurance Company License: Due January 1, Delinquent After March 1

This form is intended as a simplified, standard mechanism for business to initiate contact with municipality concerning their activities within the city. A business license will be required  prior to engaging in business. If a business intends to maintain a physical location within the city, there are normal zoning and building code approvals required to the issuance of a license.

In certain instances, a business may simply be required to register with the city to create a mechanism for the reporting and payment of any tax liabilities. If that is the case, you will be provided the materials for that registration process.

The completion and submission of this form does not guarantee the approval of subsequent issuance of a license to do business. Amy prerequisites for a particular type and location of business must be satisfied prior to licensing.

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