Spring is here!

Help the City of Oneonta stay Nuisance Free! As spring and summer approach, the insects and varmints will be out in full force. You can do your part to help.

Vegetation Growth

  • Keep your premises free from wild growth of weeds or other uncultivated rank growth or matter favorable to the harboring of mosquitoes or other insects.
  • Weeds attract insects. Any growth of weeds more than (1) foot in height or uncultivated growth regardless of height or vegetation deemed unsightly and favorable to harboring mosquitoes or insects of like kind.
  • No structure may dispense or allow drainage of “grey water” consistent to kitchen, bathtub or sewage openly above ground onto their property. All drainage must be captured in an approved receptacle.
  • Violations will be subject to notice and fines under municipal ordinance.

Vegetation Pick-up

  • Residential Property owners may place small tree and grass clipping at the right-of-way for the sanitation department to pick up.
    • Do not place debris in the roadway.
    • Do not place debris into ditches to prevent the movement of draining water.
    • Do not place at culverts or storm drain inlets.
    • Do not mix household trash with natural vegetation. Drivers will not pick this up.
    • Construction debris, or services placed at roadside by contractor or second party will not be picked up.

Household Debris Pickup

  • Residential property owners may place large household items at the right-of-way for the sanitation to pick up. These pickups are only conducted on Wednesday of each month. (see diagram)
  • Building debris such as scrap lumber, plaster, roofing, concrete or other materials resulting from construction, repair, or demolishing of any building will not be picked up by sanitation department.
  • The sanitation department will not pick up items generated by rental properties, business locations or contractor provided services.


We must all do our part to keep Oneonta a pleasant place to live and play. Keep our streets inviting. Help reduce the insects and unwanted varmints.

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