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Alcoholic Beverage Applications

Are Now Available


The Blount County Circuit Court case which authorized the recent referendum for the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in Oneonta is on appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court.  The City of Oneonta’s authority to issue any alcoholic beverage license is subject to the forthcoming ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court.


To obtain an Alcohol Beverage License for the City of Oneonta, your business must be located inside the Oneonta city limits and properly zoned for business.



The application for a license to sell alcoholic beverages is different than the application for a general license for a retail, wholesale or service related business.  Due to the regulatory nature of this type of business, there are additional requirements for the issuance of a license to sell alcoholic beverages. 

The typical amount of time required for the application process is a minimum of 45 days.  Primarily this is due to the fact that there is a significant amount of documentation required in order to provide the City Council with an accurate insight into the financial, management and personal background of the applicant and those involved with the business.  There are also several inspections that must be scheduled and approved as a part of the process.

You will need to meet with the City Manager or a designated representative to review the application for completeness and/or to answer any questions you might have regarding the application.  This is very important to the process so that there will be as little misunderstanding of expectations as possible.  There are specific deadlines for several aspects of the application process and if these are not complied with, the result is delay in approval and, more importantly to you, the opening of your business.


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