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We urge all residents to participate in our local recycling program in order to help the environment and ensure our community remains clean! 

The receptacles are located at 115 Jack Fendley Drive, just past Woodland Park and behind Blount County 911. Please pull through the gate and the large green recycling container will be located to your left. The service is available every Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and the area is under camera surveillance. Anyone caught dumping garbage or violating the terms of recycling will be ticketed and banned from the service.

Do not place items in the receptacles in plastic bags. Remove items and place them in the appropriately labeled section loosely. 

Always make sure all residue or food particles are cleaned off recyclables before deposit!

Accepted items are:

      Cardboard & Paper: this includes boxes, loose paper, newspaper, magazines, paper bags. It does not

      include used napkins, soiled pizza boxes or soiled containers. Boxes must be broken down.

      Plastics #1 & #2: this includes milk jugs, soda bottles, condiment bottles, shampoo bottles, water

      containers, salad dressing bottles, etc. It does not include plastic bags, plastic garbage bags, plastic

      bubble wrap or packaging, plastic toys or plastic building materials.

      Aluminum/Tin Cans: this includes soda/beer cans, soup cans, tuna/chicken cans, any canned food

      item. It does not include scrap metal, car parts, aluminum foil.

If you have any questions about what can be recycled, please call City Hall at 205-274-2150.

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