Alabama Communities of Excellence "ACE" Phase II

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 Phase I

The Alabama Communities of Excellence (ACE) and the City of Oneonta have completed a community assessment visit focusing on the following areas of community development: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Community Planning, Healthcare, Education, Industrial Development and Retail/Commercial Development.

 A team of ACE Partners conducted this assessment and presented the results to the community. The assessment of the City of Oneonta identified many positive areas, and made several recommendations as stated in the Assessment Report.


How did we measure up? ( Click here to view the ACE Team Assessment)

View the ACE Assessment power point presentation. (Click Here for Ace Power Point)




 Phase II

 Having fulfilled the requirements of Phase I of the ACE program, the City of Oneonta has been accepted into Phase II of the ACE program.

 In Phase II, the City of Oneonta commits to:

 1)      Establish community development initiatives.

 2)      Work Forward with a leadership development program.

 3)      Initiate a city-led strategic planning program to provide a 5 to 10 year direction for community development.



 We Need Your Input! Please take the following 5 question Survey to help us determine future goals.

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