Business Licenses

Apply for a License
A City of Oneonta application for city business license and taxes can be obtained here. Fill out completely the two page application, using the document General License Requirements as a reference.  

Upon receipt of a completed license application, the Revenue Department will determine the proper license classification for each business and determine the types of taxes that each business will be required to remit to the City of Oneonta.

The city’s license year runs from January 1 through December 31 with all City of Oneonta business licenses expiring on December 31 of each year - regardless of the date issued.

Multiple Licenses
Any person or entity, which is operating two or more businesses, vocations, occupations, or professions is required to file separate applications and obtain separate business licenses for each line of business, vocation, occupation or profession in which they are engaged.

License Classifications
The City of Oneonta issues business licenses based on classifications. To see a listing of these classifications, click here.

Renew an Active License
To renew an active business license click here.

A business license must be purchased by anyone that intends to trade or do business within the city limits of Oneonta. Business licenses are based on the calendar year and are set to be renewed in January of each year. They expire on December 31st and renewal reminders are generally sent out during the first week in December. A new license must be purchased by January 31st to avoid penalties.

For more information call Tracie Roybal at (205) 274-2135.